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Shycocan is a path-breaking technological device that neutralizes CORONAVIRUS and also the INFLUENZA family of viruses with 99.9% efficiency.

The device works by firing electrons in an enclosed (indoor) area, and on contact with the virus cells it neutralizes the S-Protein of the virus, thus making it ineffective.

  • Safety: 100% safe, no side effects to humans, animals, food or the environment.
  • Effectiveness: It disables the CORONAVIRUS and the INFLUENZA virus family by 99.9% in enclosed spaces such as schools, hospitals, homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, public places, auditoriums etc.
  • Connection: Plug & Play device which connects directly to a 230V wall socket.
  • Approvals: USFDA (USA), CE (Class 1 Certification – EUROPE), ESMA (UAE).
  • Power Rating: 30W
  • Coverage Area: One device covers approximately 1000sq.ft or 10,000 cubic feet..

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