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Sukar Stainless Steel Floor Drains - Turkey

Sukar is a company based in Turkey which produces channel drains since 1988. With the novelties it has made since its foundation, Sukar has followed the vision of becoming a brand that changes and evolves drain culture. It has capitalized on this worldwide with its superior quality especially in shower drains compatible with insulation. Sukar supplies over 200 different types of drain and grate compatible products for each area right from the roof to the ground from gardens to buildings and roads. Sukar is the first choice for many projects thanks to its certified quality.

Sukar observes easy installation, functionality, health, comfort and satisfaction to the end user for all products it has designed.

304 Quality Stainless Steel Grates
All steel alloys used in Sukar are made is 304 quality stainless steel. Thus, they challenge time and are durable and healthy.

Anti - Odors
Developed and patented by Sukar, they discharge water as soon as it comes in contact with it, thanks to it flap systems. The flap automatically closes when there is no water which also prevents odors and bugs from entering the system.

Adjustable Top Cases
Sukar products are designed with height adjustable top bodies for easy use and application. Thus water and heat insulation can be applied at any level, enabling thick screed applications or thick top layer coating applications.

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