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Misto Mirror Defoggers ��� China

Misto mirror defoggers is a technologically advanced, safe and simple solution for steamed up bathroom mirrors. This defogger is a thin ultra-thin self-adhesive pad which enables simple and easy installation directly on the back of any mirror. Misto is normally connected to the main lighting circuit, so that it is activated only when the lights are switched on. It can also be connected to any switch or alternatively to any mirror light. On being activated or turned on, Misto will warm up the mirror in 2 ��� 3 minutes and will remove on condensation or vapor on the mirror. Once fitted, Misto will never allow the mirror to steam up in or around the area of the pad. It is developed for foggy mirrors more than 20 years ago.

��� The most effective solution for foggy bathroom mirrors.
��� Simple to install and easy to use.
��� No transformers or thermostats necessary.
��� No maintenance required.
��� Approved by leading testing laboratories worldwide.
��� Fitted in leading hotels worldwide.
��� Numerous sizes and shapes available.
��� 5 years warranty.

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