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Clartherm Mirror Defoggers – Spain

Clartherm Antivaho S.L. has been manufacturing and marketing demisting systems for bathroom mirrors for over 20 years. Right from the very beginning, Clartherm has believed in creating an innovative yet practical product.

Located right at the heart of Catalonia in the town of Navas, near Barcelona, Clartherm has a 1500m2 industrial warehouse where the products are manufactured and distributed. The company provides service to customers all over the world.

The Clartherm demisting system is a multi-layered device which heats the backs of mirrors in bathrooms so that they don’t get steamed up. The demisting system consists of a multi-layered arrangement of electrical elements at 170 W/m2 power which heats the system upto 30degC after a few minutes and then after keeps it at a constant temperature. The layers are all completely isolated, meaning there is no danger of electrocution from touching the demisting system once it has been connected to the electric supply.

There are 3 layers on each side of the element, with one of them adhesive to make it easier to apply the demisting system to the back of the mirror. The demisting system has cables leading from the system for connecting to the electric supply. These connections are protected using safety caps.

There are upto 75 different sizes in stock at most times. The sizes ranges from 30 x 30cms upto 101 x 131cms to suit large mirrors. Custom sizes can also be produced as per requirements.

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